Post your funny internet April Fool's hoaxes here!

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  1. I'm up late tonight and I noticed that Google already has their April Fool's hoax up... a lot of the major websites do a hoax every April 1st. Sometimes the jokes are so subtle that you hardly even notice they are jokes! Like last year, I thought that Gmail Paper was for real.
    (last year's Gmail Paper joke:

    So here is this year's-- Don't click the link if you don't want to be spoiled on the joke!

    Has anyone else come across any funny April 1st hoaxes? Share them here!
  2. I always like the fake things posts every year for April Fools. One year they had caffeinated meat. This year I kinda like the Betamax to HD-DVD converter because I KNOW there are some old sk00l geeks out there who would want such a thing.

    And this year, I got RickRolled by YouTube.
  3. OMG those are hilarious!!!!!
  4. How about the Super Pii Pii Wii game? Lol! I had some of my friends convinced it was real this morning, and that I was going to make them play it during our next poker night!

    I saw the Betamax converter thing and didn't even realize it was fake at first, sadly. It seems like just the fun thing ThinkGeek would have.
  5. Annie,

    Where's that caffeinated meat you promised me?

  6. Mmmmmm...caffeinated meat sounds like a good idea to me! I would totally buy that!
  7. I heard that it helps with digestive issues ;)
  8. I wonder if anyone else wold like some caffeinated meat?
  9. I would like some! Im feeling a bit hungry..
  10. I could see how caffeinated meat might speed up your system!!
  11. Do you think it can cure chronic gas?
  12. If so, I have decided I wouldn't buy it after all...
  13. :yes: Anne. Or, better yet, it might give you MORE gas:nuts: