Post your First Snow Pictures

  1. Its that time of year when the puppies come back in the house with thier noses all white
    Lets post some cute pictures

    This is maggie and Kirby


    They are brother and sister Kerry Blue terriers :heart:
  2. No pictures to post since I'm in Miami. I wish it snowed here. :sad: Just wanted to comment on your pictures, and tell you how adorable they are! Great idea for a thread!
  3. AWWWW your pups are soooo cute!! MY poodle fluffy use to freak out in the snow he used to have the best time!! I love pics like this, cant wait to see more
  4. It hasnt snowed here in a couple of years, but I have a picture of Mariah from the last time it snowed! It was before we had Princess, so no pictures of her.

  5. AWWWW!!! Queen can I just say I love the fact your Mariah's name is Mariah, hehehe. its too cute
  6. Queen: Mariah is soooooo CUTE! Love her sweater! :love:
  7. Isn't it funny how much dogs love the snow? These are cute pictures!!
  8. Booker doesn't like the snow at all but our previous Dal used to stand in front of the snowblower and get pelted - she loved it. Wish I had a picture, it would be priceless!
  9. I love this thread, as soon as we get snow which may be tomorrow I will post some pics!
  10. Too cute! No snow here in California, unfortunately :sad:
  11. they look like they are having fun....
  12. these are from last year

  13. :love::love::love: These pics are ADORABLE!
  14. oh, they are all so cute!

    We don't get much snow here. Maybe once every 10 years we get enough to cover the ground a bit. In fact, right now I have my air conditioner on.