Post your favorite SUMMER BAGS!!!

  1. Here are some of mine.

    Turquoise 05 Work


    Vert Gazon 07 First


    French Blue 07 GH Part-time


    I'm hoping to add a couple more soon......something in greige, caramel and yellow, hopefully :nuts:

    C'mon girls, share your pics!!!!:yahoo:
  2. My Vert (love it with bright clothes :wlae:) plus the Sanstone Work :tup: - sooo pretty.
    DSC03495.jpg DSC03488.jpg DSC04027.jpg DSC04131.jpg
  3. Rouille city, cornflower city, vert gazon city, and aqua city. These are my summer faves!
    IMG_0417.JPG IMG_0411.JPG IMG_0415.JPG IMG_0409.JPG
  4. My 06 White City

  5. New fave now that I have matching summer shoes :p

  6. Can't wait to add LE MAGENTA!!!
  7. My favorite summer bags!
    summer bal1.JPG sumer bal.JPG
  8. My favorite one so far, Giant Sandstone Work. :tup:I love her to death.:yahoo:
    IMG_2924%20%282%29.JPG IMG_3017%20%282%29.JPG
  9. ^^^ Nanaz - i knew you would love it.
  10. We are twin sisters now.:wlae: Did you check your e-mails?:graucho:
  11. I love your Sandstone Works!!!:drool:
  12. ^^ yes i did and sent back replies.
  13. I love this Cracker!! I know S/S 07 only came out in gold GH, so is it just the photo that makes this GH on this bag look silver? Am I imagining? either way, STUNNING!!

  14. Thanks! Yes, it's the gold. I took the pic during full sun outside. I wonder if the Electric Blue from s/s 08 will be similar........if so, it'll look amazing with with the SGH
  15. I ADMIRE cracker's '05 turquoise work :drool: it's my HG for now ;) !
    Until I'll find this rare beauty I'll wear almost all of my bbags year around - but especially now in summer they are:

    '05 Magenta Work and Turquoise City

    '05 Bubblegum pink and Apple green Day

    '04 Pumpkin Purse

    '04 Seafoam Purse
    DSC00308.JPG DSC00312.JPG 121-2175_IMG.JPG 124-2421_IMG.JPG