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  1. Few months ago, when browsing my local KIT, I discovered this French brand of Soap - "Pre de Provence"

    Absolutely love love the scent :nuts: hence I bought the one that appealed to me the most, *honey almond*

    It is such a fabo soap that got me into addiction to the brand and to soap bars! I then tried their other scents like Green Tea (my other favorite), Milk, Lavender and Rose..

    Only to my dismay, when I went back to get more few weeks ago, KIT has discontinued stocking this brand! :crybaby:

    I have tried few other brands including the Italian 'Netis Dante' - though not crazy about it :faint:

    Do you have similar brand in soap that you are addicted to like I am? :nuts:

    If so please share! :nuts:
    *interested to hear fellow TPFers experience*

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  2. Lush soaps!! I love their flavors. Some of my favs are the Bohemian soap, Karma soap, Icon soap, sexy peel, queen of hearts, ring of roses buttercream.
  3. My all time LUSH favorite is 17 Cherry tree lane, so of course they discontinued it:crybaby:
  4. I'm in love with my brand new soap from Summerland Soaps. Its called Creamy Florals... it smells yummy and is hand made and all natural.
  5. Lush Honey I washed the kids soap, Fresh Lychee and Fresh Lemon soap thanks to my super awesome Raok Buddy!
  6. Duross and Langel soap is AMAZING. They are a small soap store located in Philly, but you can also purchase online, the fragrances are amazing and it is all homemade. They are also very Earth friendly.
  7. LUSH..............all of it.
  8. i just like dove beauty bar and aveeno with salicylic acid bar....i'm a plain jane i guess.
  9. I love LUSH soaps... All of them.. I also love Philosophy shower gels and bvlgari au the blanc shower gel...
  10. Pears Soap
    Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids
    Yardley Rose
  11. Thanks for sharing everyone :biggrin:
    Seems so many LUSH lovers here..

    I have never tried LUSH despite it's domestic to me! *i'm in Sydney*

    I like their Masks and always admire the colourful soaps but just never been interested enough to try..
  12. This sounds exciting :nuts:
    Thanks for sharing!
    Will check it out..

    I love anything that is homemade and earth friendly :smile:
  13. Pears soap is earth friendly, it's gentle enough for babies (my family has been using it for generations), and the company is 200 yrs old!
    It's a British company so I suppose you can get it easily in Australia as with all Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries. I only found it recently in US though.
  14. I'm a soap addict... I just love them. I really like L'Occitane's almond soap[​IMG]

    Dettol (all kinds),

    Herb Blend Lion soap

    And olive oil soaps with mastic, lavender etc... I buy real Chios soaps from these guys: www.e-anemos.gr
  15. I used to love Honey Cake by Shiseido, but I can't find it anymore... Now I'm quite partial to Nivea Honey & Oil. It's a supermarket soap but it's so creamy and soft and the scent is nice and subtle.
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