Post your favorite picture

  1. Whether it be from or maybe even your desktop one of your favorite pics.

    This is a pic of some baby ducks I fostered last year.


    A toad from my backyard
  2. Aww...your ducks are so cute!
  3. Those ducks are adorable! We had a baby duck and chicken that we raised last summer. They are hilarious!
  4. I have 2, sorry :shame:

    The first is of my boys- 3 & 4 1/2 weeks old...

    The second was taken by a neighbor of mine. They took the pic from their backyard of the rainbow over my house.
    dsc01647.jpg DSC01635.JPG
  5. Cute-looking ducks and kids, Japster & acegirl!

    Sadly these do not belong to me:

    1) Jamie Redknapp - ex-Liverpool midfielder

    2) Xabi Alonso - currently Liverpool midfielder (also starring for Spain :biggrin: )

    3) Laughing cat & guinea pig (off

    4) Granddad Brynn and the late Princess Liberty Bassett (from Wiccaweys)

    5) Cat called Professor something (forgot his name - off a blog)
    Jamie Redknapp.jpg Xabi Alonso world cup blog.jpg 1440209_b~Tea-for-two-Posters.jpg Brynn and Princess Liberty.jpg 101605_prof.jpg
  6. :heart: dover beach, barbados
  7. Man Ray's Tears.

    and.. something that I just found so silly and funny.

    Man Ray - Tears.jpg

    jon stewart.jpg
  8. 1. Me at the edge of the cliff, Yosemite NP
    2.Sunset pics taken from our balcony in Hawaii while back
    3.My DH pic
    4.Dogsled pic in Alaska, got it off the internet somewhere I don't remember
    5.Taken from Balboa park SD
    DSC02710.JPG sunset3 25Nov03.jpg Booze Cruise 18.jpg dogsled.jpg SQ13.jpg
  9. OK, 1 more..:shame:
  10. awwwwww I LOVE duckies!!! So sweet!
    Mine is of our trip to Egypt last Dec. It's amazing the history that is there. That's my daughter on the camel. And the last photo was a trip to NY it is the WTC.
    333.jpg 362.jpg DSC00779.jpg DSC00858.jpg
  11. These are all so awesome! I love the scenic pictures of all the different places. From beaches to snow!

    Acegirl, your kids are beautiful!
  12. Hope you don't mind some more pics that I took.
    I love taking pictures.

    Cow near my house

    My dog running through a field
    Feeding the Deer

    Rusty Wheelbarrow

    Bald Eagle
  13. This is my favorite pic of Audrey Hepburn. It was shot by Phillipe Halsman who would ask his subjects to jump for him. It's been the background on my computer for a long time now.

  14. Mine - love the Wizard of Oz and have since I was a kid...I was hunting around recently and came across this sparkly beautiful ruby slippers closeup with Glinda's dress in the background (which is my favorite shade of pink!). Just makes me happy :shame: :love: ;) I made it my avatar too!


    and this one I just love - fairy princess looking...

  15. Aw, thanks:amuse: I love your pics.. is photography a hobby of yours?