post your favorite pair shoes

  1. whats your favorite pair shoes you like to ware the most... mine are chanel sneakers
  2. My Seychelles 'Under the Influence' stiletto-wedges. I have them in two colours: black patent and navy patent, and though they're pretty cheap at US$80 a pop I love them more than any of my more expensive shoes.
  3. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
    wedges are great
  4. mine are my havaianas flip flops....i practically live in them :blush:
  5. Here's mine:

  6. oooh its a toughie, I have some devine shoes, but for pure princess factor everytime I put them on, I am going for these two pairs of Louboutins

  7. So far my favourite pairs are:
    1. Christian Loubotin peeptoe flats - girly and very confy
    2. Chloe swede/satin pointy heels - the vibrant blue always always stands out, i get so many compliments on these shoes
    3. Gucci bamboo strappy heels - i love the bling factor and the shape of those heels



  8. chloe-babe, both yur Louboutins are so beatiful, can i a what is the name of the red ones? Thanks :smile:
  9. My favorite pair that I wear almost everyday is my red roundtoe satin Delman pumps. Cute and girly and so comfortable!

    But lately I've been gravitating towards Fendi spectactor pumps embellished with pearls or my coral Manolo Blahnik pumps.
  10. I don't wear them that often, but I squeal with glee each time I get to wear my gold snakeskin Terry de Havillands :love:

  11. oh snowbunny, they are devine. I love my de havillands, they rock!!!
  12. chole...those are exquisite!! I too would love to wear them for the "princess factor"...simply, tdf...:love:
  13. Snakeskin with swarofski crystals-greek brand Danos( but i think inspired from DG)

    Pictures mobile 019.jpg

    Pictures mobile 010.jpg

    Ultimate Dior shoe:heart: (VB has the same)

    Pictures mobile 022.jpg .

    Not the newest shoes i have but my fave by far...