Post your fave fashion jelwery pieces such as Mawi, Kara by Kara Ross...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I know that diamonds are girls best friend, but you have for shore you favorite fashion pieces... I'll show you my new piece.

    This bracelet I got for my birthday from my boyfriend form London designer Mawi. It's gold plated with crystals... I loved it:smile::yahoo:

    And sorry girls cause I submitted photo from web, the photo I have taken was to big to upload,and I am new on this forum, so can someone please explain me how can I downsize my photos and upload them... Thank you!!!

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  2. And also post and share what is on your wish list:smile:))
  3. Congratulations on your new bracelet. It is kind-of hard to actually see it because the pictures are so small. Could you maybe provide a link? It sounds interesting and what little I can see looks lovely. I am sorry I cannot help with the uploading the pictures. I believe lvpiggy has posted a tutorial, you might want to do a search.
  4. I started a similar thread some time ago...I love fashion jewelry!! let's see what photos that I have stored....

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  5. And more.....

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  6. Are you tired of me yet.....

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  7. Some more goodies.....

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  8. I am almost done.....

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  9. I LOVE fun jewelry....and have so much more that is not pictured!!! Hope you enjoy checking these out!

  10. woowww... So amasing!!!! I love your collection:smile:)) Please where did you get the Henri Bendel Bracelet???
  11. Ok, I know I've said it before but your closet is what I assume heaven looks like! You have the most eclectic and amazing shoes/clothing/accesseries.

    What brand is the bangle with the car on it? I love it!

  12. The little envelope necklace is precious! I love that!
  13. Bagaholic and bluejinx...thank you so much!!! The bracelet is by Henri Bendel. My husband bought it for me last year for Valentine's Day.

    tbbbjb....that necklace was a gift for Mother's Day from my kids. I love it!!! Thank you...