Post your fall bags!

  1. Let's start a thread to show bags everyone is planning to wear in the fall. I don't have anything and would love to see some choices!
  2. Hey.. Great fun... Ill be the first one to play :smile:)
    Heres my fall line up... So far-- but ive already got plans for more duffles..... Jus sayin...;0

  3. These are my picks for fall:








    FUN THREAD OP!!!!!
  4. I will be using my standard goodies. I wait all spring/summer to bust out my red patent Peyton. And white Francine. I also use my black siggy carly a lot. This year I'm adding my plum patent Lindsey and sunflower Candace. But I always rotate between my collection throughout the year, I don't want any of my bags to be left out. Lol.
  5. The only bag that I'm absolutely waiting to carry is the olive Chelsea suede hobo I scored from da*Bay. Suede + summer = no way.

    I also have the terracotta Linsdey and my raspberry gathered Sophia, but I've been carrying them every once in a while this summer.

    The last month or so, my go-to bag has been the Chelsea shopper in parchment. That bag is a WORKHORSE! Love it! And quelle surprise that it looks as good today as it did the day I bought it. I had no idea that the leather would hold up as well as it has. And if it gets dirty, you just wipe it off. I used to have a Peyton tote in parchment (which had a very light patent sheen) and I was convinced that the only parchment bag I'd ever be able to pull off was patent--even though I HATE patent...not true!
  6. Love these choices- keep them coming! I think I want some type of purple or some type of orange, but I'm still undecided...
  7. I'll definitely be using my Natural Willis (haven't cut the tags yet, that's so unlike me!)
    And I read in a fashion rag the other day that navy will be big this fall... Well that works out just fine because it just so happens I've been wanting the Navy Colorblock Willis. :smile:
  8. I read that about Navy as well. IDK what bag I am going to use yet. :rolleyes:
  9. These brown Zoe's and probably the black Kristin hobo
    image-1399056525.jpg image-1390965570.jpg
  10. I'm already using my Archival Camel Bucket Bag & I will continue to rotate amongst my many Willis', except maybe the Parchment City Willis will be put away for the season.

  11. I love all your choices!! Can you give me the style # to the second one, the signature willis? Thank you!!
  12. If I love the's fair game. I will not let the seasons define my love! :lolots:
  13. Well my seasons are upside down so so I'll soon be heading into spring ( plus I can use most if my bags year round here.). But the bags I'll be using the next few weeks during our winter are -

    Tossed Lace Sophia in Burnt Orange
    MFF Brown Ocelot Patchwork Gallery Tote
    Kristin Pleated Satchel in Emerald
    Large Garnet Ashley satchel
  14. Having iPhone issues!
    image-1504751862.jpg image-2881735450.jpg image-1543711784.jpg image-2476072964.jpg
  15. Well, I may have gotten a head start by wearing some of these bags this month, but oh well. They are too pretty to resist. :biggrin::biggrin:
    i-VXg7QZL-M.jpg i-nzqrM3f-M.jpg i-69jScp8-M.jpg i-fL72KRk-M.jpg i-XmrSzHj-M.jpg i-nZJJgBq-M.jpg