Post your Etsy jewelry finds!

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  1. Here is my latest ring from Michael Gabriel. Mike is so wonderful to work with and really works hard to make sure his customers are happy. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1439674511.214552.jpg He set my marquise diamond in this simple, classic setting that really shows off the diamond (0.31, D, SI1). ImageUploadedByPurseForum1439674442.619155.jpg

  2. This is very pretty. Love the east west style.
  3. Beautiful ring!
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  5. I love gold rings with shields or crests. I found this gem a while back on Etsy for $95 which was about the melt value of the gold. The seller had no knowledge of the ring other than it was 10k gold. A little research and I found out it was an Ithaca College class ring from 1937 and a woman's ring. It must have been very uncommon for someone to get a college degree in the midst of the Great Depression. Oh yes, I acid tested the ring and it's 10k. I'm proud to wear it.

    ithaca r.jpg
  6. I have a daily ring rotation and I added one more from Etsy a few weeks ago. It is a Victorian style 10k faceted ruby ring with flower motif.

    ruby1 r.jpg
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  7. That is so gorgeous and unique! I love it.
  8. I love English rings as they have a series of identifying hallmarks. I picked up this simple 9k yellow gold wedding ring on Etsy some time back. The hallmarks indicate it was made in Birmingham in 1959. It is easy to find charts showing the meaning of the hallmarks.
    british ring2.jpg birmingham mark4.jpg
  9. Jenny Kim has closed shop already, and I really liked her rose studs. Can anyone suggest a seller on Etsy who makes similar earrings?
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    I just got this gorgeous vintage CD necklace today.
    It's actually way much beautiful than it looks like in the photo:

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