Post your Etsy jewelry finds!

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  1. It's holding up well for me! He has great customer service. I did read reviews of other buyers of this ring stating that the small diamonds fell off, but he replaces them at no cost to you. The only qualm I had about my experience was that it literally took a month to get the ring, so it was a long wait. Also the setting is quite high...idk if that makes any sense. but basically, the band itself is thick upwards (ie away from your fingers) so sometimes stacking is difficult if your other rings have lower settings. You can specify to him that you would like a lower setting. Hope that helps!
  2. Oooh, Junkenpo, my friend :graucho: .... these are gorgeous :biggrin:
    Especially the last, is that honey jade ?

  3. That makes total sense! I wonder why it took him so long, maybe he ran out of stock and have to make more? And good to know that the band sits higher since I need something that will sit really low so it'll be flushed to my engagement ring. Either way, this is a really cheap alternative. I've been looking at eternity rings as a wedding band and they've all been 800+. Thanks so much for your help! The rose gold eternity you have is to die for!

  4. Love these!!!!
  5. My silver bangles!

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  6. Your husband has excellent taste! I actually know the woman behind LexLuxe -- I mean she is a local artisan & I first saw her & her work at a local art show. I have admired and worn her pieces for a few years now and am so delighted to see her reputation expand. Enjoy your gorgeous necklace!
  7. Thank you! My husband may have had a nudge from me. . .

    Alexis Russell's jewelry is beautiful. I can't wait to get more pieces. I was so enamored with the necklace when I found it on Etsy that I didn't realize she had a separate website and that some of her pieces were sold in boutiques around the country -- one in my home town of Shaker Heights, OH!
  8. Does etsy ship to canada? Ty
  9. I recently discovered Michael Tatom
    and fell for his wonderful sculptured style. I am waiting to pull the trigger on a fox ring but cants decide between the full size brushed silver one or the mini sized bronze one. Does bronze look nice with pink gold?[/url]
    screenshot windows

  10. It depends on the seller
  11. Just got these 14K yellow gold earrings from Jenny Kim:


  12. Ooo! I ❤ Jenny Kim jewelry!

  13. So pretty!

  14. Gorgeous!
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