Post your Etsy jewelry finds!

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  1. Jade bangle

    Jade beads

  2. Omg so cute may I know which seller?

  3. Hi there - seller is jewel park. Hope that helps. Thank you
  4. I did get a 14K gold extender from this jeweler and I think she had 14k chains for sale-
    She is very nice, fast and talented.

    It is called TeenyJewels- I worked with Jan or Mo. The 14k rose gold extender came super fast and was great quality.
  5. Jade is so pretty! If you don't mind me asking, could you please share which jade sellers you trust on Etsy? I don't know enough about jade to not get scammed, lol!
  6. Your double pearl ring is so cute! Can you tell me which seller you used? TIA.
  7. You should come over to the Jade thread! I have it linked in my signature if you hover over and click. If you want to skip over the lots of conversation in that thread, the Jade & jadeite thread in the reference section is all pictures of A, B, and C jade with some information about what to look for if you want to avoid B/C jade.

    The jade bangle came from GeGe Designs and the beads are from Alohamemorabilia. I've also purchased from Ultimate Jadeite, who has a store in Etsy and ebay.
  8. Thanks so much! I will check out those threads for sure, I'd love to know more about jade :smile:
  9. Found this on etsy, Michael Hogan's store. It's 0.16ct of diamond, full eternity ring in 18kt rose gold. I always wanted a small, dainty diamond ring I could stack with other rings. It was very cheap for what it is!

  10. That ring is so unique! I love how it hugs your finger.

  11. Stunning!! I love it! Could you let me know the name of the seller?
  12. My DH gave me this necklace from LexLuxe in Etsy. It's labradorite wrapped in recycled 14kt gold on a sterling silver chain that's 39"! Love it! It can be worn doubled too.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1419627356.544150.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1419627366.890002.jpg
  13. Bronze Hair forks from BronzeSmith

    Octopus & Spider.. I had an extra inch added to each, the 4 prong work better in my hair than the 3 prong. Not as resistant to bending as my titanium 2 prong, but still strong and way cool with the figure toppers.


  14. Hi there! Just stumbled upon this thread and saw your beautiful ring. May I ask how it's holding up? I'm planning on buying this one or the 1.5mm eternity as my wedding band.