Post your Etsy jewelry finds!

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  1. Ensuing interpretation is everything, as my article specifically states there is NO mechanism in place to screen commercial sellers or resellers. Perhaps by design, as the article alludes?

    But back to the original point... How would you feel if someone, in writing, presented conjecture as fact regarding you and/or your business? In this day and age of instant information, it may certainly have a financial impact, as well as effect the ability to do business, and tarnish professional reputation. Such unwarranted remarks may be met with resolutions in civil court.
  2. Well said, Thresh! I always enjoy your posts, and always get pms about them. Keep it up!
  3. I never stated that I thought etsy was correct in opening that up, I actually disagree with it. I can see "why" they did it, to "help" out sellers who can't handle the volume of doing it themselves. I know resellers are a big problem on etsy and so do you since you make jewelry.

    It absolutely has an impact on someone writing about your business as you can tell by the etsy review system.
  4. Hi ladies, yes this has crossed my mind. But still she has my email address and could have still let me know. I think she is so dodgy!
  5. Hey ladies, some of the behavior here is about to ruin this thread for everyone. This is ONLY to post great ETSY finds, not a place to passive aggressively {or not so passively} job at one another.
    This will 1} close down or 2} members will be banned over the unprofessional and uncool behavior.
    Consider yourselves warned.

    Now, stay ON topic or kindly click out of this thread.
  6. As promised here are my other purchases from Etsy that arrived this week. They're all from different sellers so let me know if you would like to find out who sells a particular piece.

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  7. I thought we were having a discussion nothing was ment by it on my end at least. I have no hard feelings just 2 people talking
  8. I'm only referring to people causing drama ;)
  9. Some great finds!! Are these gold fill or 14k Gold??
  10. The first two are gold fill, the last one is gold plated, I don't recommend the last one though, the quality is not the best. Jwhiz the seller of the very first necklace I posted in this forum sells a similar kind, I should have gotten that one.
  11. hi i discovered etsy recently and i found some lovely things, i don't buy it, but i will certainly do, this is some pics of what i found










  12. And some more





  13. I just bought a bullet + crystal necklace from an Etsy store called Kiss The Future.
    I really like their edgy designs :heart:

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  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1412937045.363465.jpg

    I found this double Pearl ring on esty. Favourite ring at the moment.