Post your Etsy jewelry finds!

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  1. Did you know this before you bought it or only after? If before I wouldn't have purchased if I were you. You might be able to use that with you CC company to do a charge back. I hope everything works out for you!
  2. After! Her shop is gone so wont be able to see her reviews!
  3. That also might help you with your case with your CC company if she was shut down by etsy. I would give your CC as much information as possible.
  4. Yes I mentioned everything. I emailed the seller again yesterday. this email is on the invoice. I dont know if she is reading her emails or has shut down? I plan to also send her the email via post to her address in Scotland. Im in Australia so a long long way.
  5. I know personally I hate receiving emails instead of conversations in etsy but since she has been shut down idk if she is checking it. She might feel since she was shut down she doesn't have to do anything else with etsy.
  6. Fwiw, I've bought jewelry from maybe 20 sellers and never had a problem. Some tips: always read reviews. Safest bets will be those with lots of sales and frequent reviews. Avoid mass-produced or knock-offs, b/c those people aren't making their goods and are like to be a company, rather than an individual taking pride in what they do.
  7. I purchased this awesome twig ring from Setsuko

    Soooo pretty!!! I wear it everyday and haven't had any problems! :smile:
  8. From mixology101 designs - have bought several things from her and love them all! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393297328.317242.jpg
  9. (Also it's possible that if they were live knock-offs that Etsy forced her to shut the shop down).
  10. And you say this because....?
  11. It happens a lot, you can not sell mass produced items on etsy
  12. Unfortunately, Etsy just recently opened its doors to commercial retailers who do just that, sell mass produced items. This still doesn't explain the previous poster's assumptions. It's better to be certain about one's statement, rather than circulating conjecture. It might hurt someone's business, and possibly be construed as libel.
  13. Technically they didn't do that, they are allowing artists to use a manufacturers to produce their designs. Like if you sell prints you can have staples print it for you instead of at home. Mass produced items are a very large problem on etsy and I think this new ability will enhance that problem. Commercial retailers can not sell on etsy, so technically didn't you just state a false statement?

    You can read here what you can sell, &
  14. Ummmm No. I did not. Check the dates of your information, then compare the info with this...

    And thank you for proving my original point. :okay:

  15. Dates are the same.... ESP since the article you found was based off the information I provided for you.

    I never said I disagreed with your original point, I'm an etsy seller I know the point....