Post your Etsy jewelry finds!

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  1. I just recently found my way to Etsy and I'm amazed at all the talent there is!! I found so many nice crafty people making beautiful things.

    Bought these today:


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  2. a few of the things on my recently purchased/wishlist:

    24k lined geode/drusy necklace:

    custom "lovers" initials necklace, tiffany style letters:

    custom monogram letters necklace, artist found courtesy of some wonderful ladies on here in a thread that I cannot remember at the moment...

    thumbprint necklace:

    and some other artists I admire but have not taken the plunge yet: great stacking rings wrap bracelets, a lot of natural stones wrap bracelets, very close to luu chan style beads if you're a nerd like me beautiful gemstones, quite popular on here as well, I believe
  3. I can't believe I've never purchased anything off etsy before. This thread is awesome! Yet overwhelming. LOL.
  4. I love the second picture you put up! I just looked at her shop and I'm getting the necklace...I just love it!! Keep sharing things you find. I can't believe I've never looked at jewelry on etsy before...definitely will be from now on!!
  5. ^ Yes me too.. definitely will be, searching starts now
  6. Here's mine, a sterling and pink topaz Rock Fetish ring, from Onegarnetgirl. I looove it.




  7. Just bought Amethyst earrings from Pradman Jewelry. Look exactly like Ippolita's line, at a fraction of their prices.
  8. thanks!!!...looks like she has closed up shop temporarily to get caught up...probaby why it didnt come up in a search.

    Guess ill have to wait!
  9. you can go to her actual website, not on etsy and order as well, but yes she is getting caught up with orders and I think she may be moving studios as well.
  10. yes, lots of good (and bad) finds on etsy, but it's nice to be able to support small, local artists! my wishlist is a mile long, that's only some of the stuff on there :P
  11. I'm planning to get small petite gold rings to stack. They're round all around and 1mm in diameter.
  12. I got this 1mm silver and diamond stacking ring from an Etsy seller.
    She was so wonderful, I highly recommend her!

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