Post your DIAMOND STITCH pieces here!

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    Please post photos of your Diamond Stitch bags here, include color, price and style/size for us to reference!
  2. Received NM catalogue in the mail today...

    Small Diamond Stitch tote is available for order in black and brown.

    Catalog code: FCS06
    Page: 6


    Large red DS tote...
  3. Large black DS tote... LOL...please PM me if you find the large in brown...

    Style number for the large DS tote: A32455 Y04154
    Black Chanel Diamond Stitch.jpg
  4. Black Large Diamond Stitch Tote A32455 Y04154
    Retails $1750
    DS.jpg DS (1).jpg
  5. A32455 Y04154

    WHITE Large Diamond Stitch

    $1,750 (before tax)



  6. This one was about $1800 before tax. It's a purplish/burgandy color.
    my chanel small.jpg
  7. Just updating my pics.

    I'm 5'2" tall
    Chanel Modeling 022a.jpg Chanel Modeling 023a.jpg
  8. Dark brown (91121) diamond stitch
    Small tote bag
    06A A32454Y04154
    Picture 003.JPG
  9. Diamond Stitch
  10. small black ds tote, $1625.
    diamondstitch.jpg diamondstitch3.jpg
  11. small white ds tote, $1625.
    whiteds.jpg whiteds2.jpg whiteds5.jpg whiteds6.jpg
  12. Diamond Stitch - White - Small - $1625.00
    DS Tote Frame (2).jpg
  13. small white diamond stitch tote $1650
  14. Black Diamond Stitch Flap
    chanel diamond stitch 013 (2).jpg chanel diamond stitch 008 (2).jpg
  15. My lovely brown one!