POST your cosmetic pouches!

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  1. so we can all oooo and ah accordingly.:P
  2. My beloved scarf print pouch, perfect size and I still use it daily, months after buying it.
    coach.jpg cosmetic.jpg in_my_bag.jpg
  3. ^^Love the pouch Jane.
  4. i have the white quilted cosmetic bag and it started turning yellow on me after 2 months :sad:
  5. Here's mine with my Signature Stripe family:


    I actually use wristlets alot to hold my make-up.
  6. Here's mine...
  7. here are my 2:

    signature stripe and hamptons weekend (?)

  8. Here's mine I bought at the outlet for $25.00
  9. These are cute! Jane I just love the signature/burgandy.
  10. I only have 1:


    I love it to death though and for $12 - I can't go wrong!