Post your collector Barbies here!

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  1. Hey dad? (Vlad) can we maybe have a barbie subforum? we can call it, "what a doll!"

    I can't do this right now (cause I am drinking heavily) but anyone who collects, post photos of your Barbie collection here.....(hey Barbie loves a good handbag!) I will post mine in a couple of days....
  2. This is an amazing idea!:heart:
  3. I don't have a photo, but it is my pleasure to impress you all by proudly announcing that among my vast stores of boxes packed with days and years gone by, is a 100% Authentic and Original Tropical Miko.

    She is not in mint condition, because although I was already well into adulthood when I received her as a gift, I nevertheless played with her. I was tickled to have a "Barbie" that looked like me! Well, OK that is stretching it. (And I would have to be considerably stretched to have the proportions of any 11 1/2 inch fashion doll. I am 5'2". And a full, if uncertain fraction. Sometimes. I think.)

    But she looked more like me than Barbie. Or that insufferable Midge. Always borrowing clothes and never returning them. And she gossiped all the time, too. Told people Barbie used falsies, which is a lie.

    Tropical Miko even had a different face. And she had her own clothes. She didn't even like Barbie's clothes. In fact, she didn't really like Barbie. No, that's not it exactly. She just didn't have much in common with her. I mean, of course, she felt sorry for her, you know, the Ken situation and all. But frankly, Tropical Miko preferred the company of stuffed animals. Call them stuck-up intellectuals if you will. Lord knows, Barbie did, and I guess there is some truth to it. They did all go in together to buy a Commodore 64.

    Barbie thought it was a TV show, a sequel to Gomer Pyle or something, she told Midge, who wrinkled her freckled nose and said THAT must be a lie. You can't buy TV shows. Barbie's eyes widened, as best they could, back in those days, especially. You don't think - Oh God Midge! Could it be a, you know, drug?

    It was actually one of the most insightful moments Barbie would ever have. As well as the last time she would ever see her favorite red-fringed crop top, as she watched Midge flounce off with it.
  4. I don't have a picture of her, but I have a BNIB 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie. She is still happy chilling in her box!
  5. I have:

    Happy Holidays Barbie 1994

    Colonial Barbie (from the 1995 American Short Stories Collection)

    Solo In The Spotlight (Not the original, the reproduction)

    Happy Holidays Barbie 1997
  6. I have, in the box, 2 1960 Barbie dolls, one brown hair one blond, in pristine condition. I hated dolls. For that reason, these have not been touched.
  7. yeah i would think an entire sub-forum would be the result of heavy drinking or sedatives :s
  8. I've got a tropical Miko also!! Mine was also very loved and played with. She was bff's with my Tropical Barbie!
    I've also got about 15 different BNIB collector Barbies, from Happy Holidays, to other special designer ones!
  9. I have a BNIB Paul Frank Barbie that I received as a gift from one of my BFF's 2 Christmases ago!
  10. That isn't my photo but a stock photo I found on ebay. However, that's how my Barbie looks!

    Attached Files:

  11. Damnation! They cut out one of my pictures!

    The 1997 Happy Holidays Barbie is wearing the gown that makes it look like a giant red ribbon on a present. (The wrap even looks like giant bow.)
  12. I have too many to post Barbie :smile:
  13. OMG, my mother-in-law has a huge collection of beautiful Barbies! I'll take pics next time in there!
  14. I have several limited edition Barbies. I'll take pics and post. One of my favorites is my Bob Mackie Barbie.