Post your Coach SATCHELS.

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  1. if you have one or two or even three =]......

    post it.
  2. Mine :love: I love the color so much. Wish I had bought the wallet and everything too. :graucho:
  3. just satchels or hand held?
  4. satchels
  5. These are my only satchels from Coach...I'm planning on buying the Legacy Satchel very, very soon:yes:
    114-1430_IMG.JPG 114-1431_IMG.JPG
  6. I love satchels :biggrin:
    vintage7.jpg vintage8.jpg rw17.jpg
  7. We really need a sub-forum for our Coach collections :P
  8. Highonhandbags - I love the 2nd one! Gorgeous color!

    anotheremptysky - Love the lilac one and the 2nd one in the 2nd pic. Sorry I'm not sure of the color names...
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