Post your Coach hissy fits here!

  1. Waaah! I wanna wanna wanna go to an outlet! :bagslap::smash::rant:
  2. .. I wish I chose overnight shipping rather than the cheapie 5-7 business days shipping. I WANT my new Legacy hippie RIGHT NOW!!:boxing:

  3. i don't want to have to order the new breast cancer charm...i want to walk into the boutique and take it home with!!!!;):nogood:
  4. I REALLY want the Hamptons Leather Mini Skinny and the apple keychain, but I am BROKE!

    The worst part? I just got a job (yay!) but the money all has a place to go, and there are bigger things I want to save for. Poo.
  5. allllll the cute keyfobs/charms i want to buy to hang on my *new camel ergo tote* (yayyy!!!) have silver hardware which wont match the gold hardware on my bag :sad: why can't they come in gold AND silver??!!
  6. PCE starts the day after I come back from my vacation to Hawaii and pretty sure DH WILL NOT let me buy anything!!:lecture::banned:
  7. I'm heading out to the Las Vegas outlet this weekend!! I hope I find something I like at a good price!!!

    I'm so excited, this is my 1st time going to the outlet.
  8. LOL! I don't have a hissy to post (at least right now, anyway) but I just wanted to say that the title of your thread made me laugh. Cute idea!! :yes:
  9. I wish that the outlets had good stuff right now!!! I have been to the Las Vegas outlets a few times lately and for the most part it has stunk! :tdown:

    eerrrr... that's not stopping me from going on friday though! :graucho:
  10. The last two times I went to the outlets they had nothing good!! I can't believe I left empty handed!
  11. I wanna go shopping ! I want a new purse ! I have not bought anew one since JUNE! That way tooooooooooolong ! I wish they had a purple Carly ! one like the color of the heart picutre frame charm ! I don't want to go to work ! I want to shop !
  12. you're on a roll, keep going!! hehe. :roflmfao:
  13. dammit my store is only getting TWO Clay Gigi's and I want it so badly but I'm broke...i'm supposed to be waiting on my Ink Bleeker.

    BOOHOOHOO :crybaby:
  14. i want the bleecker line to come out NOW!

    also, I want to know when the next PCE is. Can someone help me with that?
  15. I want a Lily in Whiskey and I want her NOW!!! I do not want to have to wait for PCE...what if she's gone by then???:hysteric: