Post your COACH clutches.

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  1. if you have A Clutch post it here =]
  2. [​IMG]


    and I have the Ombre clutch with python trim coming to me in a few days.
  3. got this friday.

    I love uhkiwis clutch to death!!
  4. omg those clutches are tdf!

    soo cute..i hope ill have one to post by christmas =]
  5. I :heart: mine, although I am trying to sell it, its soo cute! especially the back! but I've only used it once and that was to go out to a bar. & going out last night, i did not want to carry my tote in so I left in the car, that wouldve been the perfect time to use it =( but I've neglected it this whole time. meh =T

    anyway, here it is!
  6. Beebz I just bought that at the outlet on black friday. I am also not too sure about it.
  7. kathyrose...This one is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IT!!:nuts:

  8. I regret not getting this one. I love it.

  9. where can i score cute clutches from coach? i have the wristlets but i wanted the clutch too... i've got this strange love affair with clutches and wristlets
  10. Oooh ladies they're all gorgeous!
  11. Kathyrose, I love your clutches. I was actually calling the stores today to look for the scarf print but they are all sold out. :sad:
  12. they have some on the offical site:

    Coach Leather Goods
  13. Gorgeous clutches everyone!
  14. Thanks!
    I should've gotten the last 2 when I had the chance. I kinds hesitated for a moment after grabbing one and someone swooped in for the last one. I knew that someone else would've wanted it.
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