Post your CLOUDY BUNDLE here!!

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    Please post photos of your Cloudy Bundle pieces here, please include information such as size, color, price, etc. . . .
  2. is just so wrong that I have so many photos...

    Cloudy Bundle bowler in beige...

    A33455 Y04309

    51215 Beige
    Chanel 001.jpg Chanel 002.jpg Chanel 003.jpg
  3. Cloudy Bundle bowler in black...

    A33455 Y04309

    94305 Black
    Chanel 004.jpg Chanel 005.jpg
  4. Cloudy Bundle N/S tote in black...

    A33458 Y04309

    94305 Black
    Cloudy Bundle N.S Tote.jpg
  5. Black CB IRL:

    Bal Day and Chanel CB pics 016 rs.jpg Bal Day and Chanel CB pics 020 rs.jpg
  6. Beige CB:
  7. "White" Cloudy Bundle tote (which is actually beige w/a hint of gold IRL).

  8. Cloudy Bundle Eastwest bag in "white".
    Cloudy Bundle_5.jpg Cloudy Bundle_6.jpg
  9. gray E/W cloudy bundle tote, stuffed and unstuffed...$2195


  10. Cloudy bundle in White, although it looks beige/gold.

  11. White Cloudy Bundle Bowler in bright daylight :heart::heart::heart:
  12. Cloudy Bundle N/S Tote in Black:yahoo:
    DSC00777.JPG DSC00781.JPG DSC00783.JPG
  13. CB e/w tote in beige (aka dirty olive)
    06A A33456Y04309
    small tote bag
    51215, beige
    USD 2195

  14. N/S Cloudy Bundle Tote in White :girlsigh: It's from the 2006 Fall Collection. The bag is very roomy and light :love:
    cb%20tote.jpg inside.jpg
  15. Black Cloudy Bundle N/S tote
    Saks Fifth Avenue New York, NY

    $2295 USD