~Post your CHEATS, aka non-Alexander Wang purchases!!!~

  1. Since many of us here come from other familiar Designer Forums, and share a passion for Alexander Wang, I thought it would be fun for us to post our other purchases and interests! It's always fun to see the other designers and bags that peek our fancy as well. I have a few that should be arriving in the coming week that I'd love to share and will be sure to post! Hope everyone else will join me!! :smile:
  2. I'm hoping to join you scoobie! I'm thinking of buying a LV wallet or something :X
  3. I was a bad girl last night and bought this Balenciaga (well, she's on layaway). She was mine originally and I foolishly sold her when we were expecting our son. When I saw I had a chance to make her mine again I had to snap her up. Here are a few old pics from back when she was in my hands previously.
    bal turqu and sandstone 006.JPG bag modeling 017.JPG Chanel and Bal pics 014.JPG
  4. ^pretty! congrats on getting her back. i love bal : )
  5. W:nuts:WZA Tater!!! That bag is amazing! Super huge congrats, I know that combo is highly coveted! It's so exciting to find that long lost bag...I think we all have one!:p

  6. Thank you so much ladies! I really never thought I'd see her again and when she popped up I thought "nah, it can't be" but after closer reviews of the photos sure enough she was mine. The zip pull has a scratch where my hubby got it stuck in the airport in Mexico and when I saw that I knew she was mine without a doubt.

    Scoobie I can't wait to see your BV, I know how excited you are!!
  7. Congrats Tatertot, this story is wonderful, this bag truly is MEANT to be yours
  8. Well a lot of us Mj girls accidentally on purpose bought the Rocco on the Gilt sale. So I guess I've been cheating all along on you AW but I am planning to be more true in the future :biggrin:
  9. I recently got a Proenza Schouler PS1.. loving this bag as much as all my AW's! :biggrin:


  10. ^^ You look so fabulous and chic cinnabun4chu. I love your style (and shoes!!!!). I think we could definitely play in each others closets and see a lot of similar pieces! :yes:
  11. cinnabun4chu - you have great legs!
    i was so tempted to get those JS Danys!!

    looove the PS1 :nuts:

    i'll have something to post in the next week or so... I just bought my first Balenciaga!!! It's small, but it's still Balenciaga... and in a very coveted colour :heart:
  12. I bought a PS1 too! It's a medium in saddle. Am lusting after viola now!

  13. gorrrrrrrgeous!!! congrats!
  14. This is BEAUTIFUL!
  15. love that color! gotta say, don't think i can afford anymore of these haha, it's going to have to last me a lifetime ;)