Post your CHANEL Purchases, Questions, Swatches, Chit Chat, etc... :)

  1. ^^^ great haul! your glossimers and lipsticks are making me drool!:drool: I must get them all:cloud9:
  2. thank you! You wont want to leave the store without them all! I didn't want to spend too much but I am really tempted to go back for the rest.. :p
  3. Beautiful! Who has the fall collection? I thought it wouldn't be available until mid-late July!
  4. :heart:
  5. pond - the Rouge Noir mascara is gorgeous!!! I have been dying to try a burgundy/plummish mascara forever, and since I love the Chanel formula I decided to go for it and pre-ordered one. I may not get it, though, since my Nordie's had sold out. They are trying to find one for me!!! :nuts:

    sweetart, your pic is fabulous (as usual), and I LOVE your choices!!! :yahoo: I want the exact same things - including the Taupe Grise soft touch shadow. I will probably not behave as well as you did, though, as I am also def. getting Jade Rose, and maybe the Pink Teaser Glossimer and the Chalys Rouge Coco. Will do my best to ignore the Cassis e/l that I really want, too, since it is permanent but it goes so well with the quad that it will be tough, lol. :sweat:
  6. And I posted this pic in the general Beauty Buys thread, but thought the Chanel fans would appreciate it most. ;)

    Here's what I picked up when I went in to look at the Anniversary Quad IRL. My first Chanel quad...sigh...I am no longer a virgin. :p:


    Kaska Beige Quad, Ambre Crayon Khol, and my whim purchase, a Rouge Laque in Mandarin (which is too pricey to have whim status, but I ended up loving it, the color suits my skin tone so well and it makes my teeth look very white. Application is a dream and the shade is unlike anything I own. Enough said!)

    I think that I will get Dragon next, since I feel a red lipstick phase coming on...

  7. I have just started using the Inimitable in Noir Obscur (after trying some samples and LOVING it, I couldn't help but buy the full size) and if it anything like the new one, it is fantastic. Not clumpy at all (although I have to say that like most mascaras, after you use it for a while/it gets more exposed to the air, it can clump up a tiny bit), and the brush separates very well.

    I normally stick to drugstore mascara except for the occasional MAC buy but I def. like this one best. HTH! :smile:

  8. Sooo pretty! I love both of the Glossimers. Btw, the pic looks like it could be a promotional shot!
  9. sweetart - those Glossimers are gorgeous, and I think Chintz needs to come home with me soon too!
  10. Lo - thanks for the photo of the Kaska Beige Quad - it's gorgeous! Like you, I am a virgin in this area. I don't have a Chanel quad yet!

    And like you and sweetart - I'm also loving the taupe gris e/s! I guess I'll wait a little longer
  11. ^^^Love it all! Everything except maybe the quad, is perfect for summer too! I'd wear the quad now though, but probably for evening.
  12. Lo, you make me want a quad and I don't even wear eyeshadow. lol
  13. girlygirl3 - Only one of the Macy's stores here had the entire fall collection. The others said they were expecting it this week or next. :smile:

    The Chintz Rouge Coco is gorgeous needanotherbag! I didn't have much luck with the other RCs but this one really works for me! Unfortunately, this means I'll be tempted to go back and give some of the other colors another try. :push:

    Lo - Congrats! lol Kaska Beige is so pretty! Variations and beiges de chanel were my first quads and I though that'd be all I would need. Silly me! :p What'd you think of the anni quad? And have you tried the Allure Lacque in Santal? It's my fave!

    it'sanaddiction - How do you like Rose De Vents? I haven't found any good swatches so I'm still debating whether or not to get it.
  14. OMFG!!!!! awesome hauls! I friggin love everything!

    sweetarr: The Fall stuff is out already?!?! Where did you buy? I MUST KNOW! okay. I want know but I don't! too much temptation :p BTW: swatches please! I'm dying! hehehe.

    loquita I swear we're twins! we got almost exactly the same taste. hehehe. love kaska beiges! At first in the other thread I thought you had gotten the Nordies anny quad. and I was like "wow, that looks exactly like kaska beiges" the in this thread I read which quad it exactly is. hehehe.
  15. Today I picked up Paradoxal nail polish, and the eyeshadow quad from the fall collection.