Post your CHANEL Purchases, Questions, Swatches, Chit Chat, etc... :)

  1. Here is a close-up of the Liaison Glossimer, and another photo of it compared to some of my other lighter Glossimers.

    L to R: Moonlight, Glitter, Galactic, Liaison. I'm hoping to pick up Aragonite, but from what I've seen it is pretty similar to Galactic.
    chan_apr25.jpg closeup1.jpg
  2. Last post for the night (I promise!!)

    When my package arrived, there was a surprise gift inside (which made me get over my guilt a little for spending so much money): this beautiful music box!

    It's a real music box that you can wind up and watch Coco twirl around with the music... and it comes with a mini Coco M pure parfum. :heart: :heart: :heart:
    chan_apr26.jpg chan_apr27.jpg
  3. elisaq - how pretty! i love that rouge allure lipstick!
    i've never purchased online like that either and you got a little gift too!
    thanks for posting!
  4. So pretty!!!!! I'm curious about the powder and how it applies-is the applicator a giant sponge??
  5. So, thanks to reading this thread, I picked up Jersey Rose lipstick, and gris scintillant. Love them!
  6. Just trying to patiently wait until 4/6 .... :whistle:
  7. Whats 4/6? The new collection? Nevermind. The new lipsticks:noggin:

  8. Do you mean how close is the Murano or the kaska? Murano is nothing like the Enigma quad. It's quite gorgeous, like greenish blue shades and a pretty pink.
  9. yep, April 6th is the big day for the launch of teh new Chanel rouge shine....
  10. I was planning on going to the launch party at macys, but not sure if I really want to go after working a long day. It is only on Thursday and friday. Do you all think it is worth it?
  11. I picked up three Rouge Coco Shines yesterday:
    - Boy (54)
    - Unique (51)
    - Deauville (67)

    Will post some photos in the coming days. :smile:
  12. same here! I am really curious about the Pearl Glow powder...
  13. Is it just the Rouge Shines coming out tomorrow or all the summer collection? I am really wanting to test out the peach bronzer. I may wait to ask for that as a B-day pressie but I am not sure yet. Judging by the colors of foundation Chanel sells, I think the pink (looks too light for me) will sell out quick and I may be OK with waiting until May for the peach.

    Also want to check out the new quad...LOVE green shadows.
  14. just thought it was the rouge shine... can someone else chime in if it is the

    summer collection, too.... thanks
  15. ^ I think only the Rouge Coco Shines are coming out tomorrow. I hope I am wrong!