Post your Chanel Optical Frames!

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  1. ^ u wear it very well . girly and pretty glasses
  2. There's already a reference thread for this, but there isn't a modeling thread. Good modeling picture!
  3. They look great on you! I also love the camellias on the case. I have Chanel eyeglasses too, with little CCs with pearls and crystals on the sides, but have yet to fill them with prescription lenses.

  4. ooh very nice! Looks fab on you ! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks! Anyone with other opticals? Would love to see them!
  6. so cute!! i love the camellia detail on the arms of the frame!
  7. Here are my Chanel progressive lens glasses:

  8. These are mine- I've had them for years and I love the colour of them.

    Can you tell they've been well worn, as some of the crystals have fallen out :P

    I dont know how to make the pictures any bigger- sorry

    The lenses also need cleaning too- oooops

  9. When it was time form me to buy new eyeglasses I wanted that pair so badly it hurt but they just didn't fit my face. I almost bought them anyway but they were so ill fitting that I knew it was the wrong decision. That was just over a year ago. I had finally let it go but this thread brought up all my old feelings for this pair of Chanel frames. :shucks: The irony is that the pair I decided on that fit me in the shop constantly slide down my nose now. I think that is easy to fix but still...