Post your Chanel FOOTWEAR here!

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    Please post photos, style #, price, color, etc. . . . of any Chanel footwear you have.
    As always, this is a photo ONLY thread, no comments or questions please!
    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. from spring 07 collection:

  3. Spring 07:


  4. older collections (>1 year ago):


  5. I only have a few pairs, but I love them all!
    2-24-07 005.jpg 2-24-07 006.jpg 5-5-07 004.jpg 5-5-07 006.jpg
  6. Couple more...
    NavyChanelWedges001tpf.jpg NavyChanelWedges010tpf.jpg 12-2-06 005.jpg 12-2-06 006.jpg
  7. Some of my collection from spring 07.

    Classic Black ballet flats
    Dark brown Cambon flats
    Black Slingbacks
    Gladiator Sandals with a cute CC charm dangling from the buckle.
    ballet.JPG cambon ballet.JPG chanel slingback.JPG glad 1.JPG
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  8. baby animals ballet flats and black suede sandal
    14. Baby Animals Ballerina.JPG 15. Black Suede Sandals.JPG
  9. Don't have many but..
    First pic is in black/black patent Cambon flats, second are my badminton print espadrilles from last summer and last is of my baby animal sandals.
    newchanels1-1.jpg chanelshoes.jpg 100_7825.jpg
  10. Cambon flats
  11. Sorry, all except the cambon flats ($500) were bought before I became a TPF'er, so I don't have info on all of them.
  12. Better pic of these, so you can see the heel.
    • Cambon flats black w/white - Bought them in June '07 in London - £230
    • Cambon flats pink w/black - Bought them on eBay

    I also just bought a pair of white sneakers with the patent toe, but I haven't received them yet. Will post a photo as soon as I get them. :heart:
    030.JPG 031.JPG
  13. Loving everyone's shoes!

    Here are my boots. Since I never seem to get a good pic of my tall quilted boots with the chain down the front I included a stock pic also. They are from 2004 or 2005 I think.

    Brown ankle boots from Fall 2006 and Black ankle boots from Fall 2007.
    chanelboots.jpg DSCN2115.jpg DSC00196.JPG DSCN2492.jpg