Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. Love your red boy!
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  2. Thank you! That was a big splurge for a little bag. The color is such a great alternative to black black black!!
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  3. Addicted to CC not easy to quit!!??!!
    CIMG9306.JPG DSC06808.JPG
  4. Add little bright and bling DSC06778a.JPG
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  5. Something fun
  6. [​IMG]my chanel brooch family portrait
    . wouldn't you think my collection's complete
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  7. My favourite colours too!
  8. Had that beautiful baguette brooch in my hands but DH didn't like it :sad:. Do you wear them often? Really have to have one at least..
  9. Lovely collection and beautiful pictures.
    Something about Vintage that fascinates me. It has so much soul/ character to it
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  10. I just bought them the past few weeks. Just wore the baguette at home just to get use to wearing a brooch. Lol. But can't wait for fall so I can use it on my blazers.just have to be careful and place it on my right side so it doesn't hit chain straps of my bag
  11. This is so cute, wearing things around in the house when you don't have any occasions to wear them. I do that too lol.

    I tried the brooch in the store on my white t-shirt as it was a hot day and it looked a bit over the top of course. Hubby said "No" probably because it didn't fit the casual outfit. I'll probably get it anyway;) lol

    Here is a pic from the Chanel store

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  12. Yup that's so cute . I think i tried that look also
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  13. Love both classic and seasonal. you have great fun variety here! beautiful!
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