Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468083599.637014.jpg
    ️ Happy Family waiting for new members haha
  2. Lovely collections
  3. Another black bag lover, I plead guilty as well :smile:. Your collection is stunning!
  4. Thank you so much! Yes the reissue is the latest acquisition, still waiting to take her out!

    Thank you, the so black chevron and the boy tote are my two favorites at the moment!

    Thank you! It's a 226!

    Thank you so much! Haha, My only colored bag is b35, an etoupe! Everything else is black! So is most of my wardrobe... Ahhhh!
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    My beautiful little family that i started 9 months ago
    The chevron wallet was the most recent purchase and while I've had a really good year, i think i'll leave it at this and just admire everyone else's purchases :amuse:

  6. Hi, beautiful collection! I am thinking about the mademoiselle reissue like yours, how are you finding it? There is one left in my city and its on hold for me until tomorrow.
  7. Hi auntynat, was your message to me?
    Which bag were you asking about, the reissue rhw or the mademoiselle vintage ghw?

    If you were referring to mademoiselle vintage, i absolutely love mine. I thought I'd have to be careful with the soft sheepskin but i haven't really babied it too much and i love the strap length, perfect for crossbody wear. I have the medium size and it fits a good amount, it's the same size as old medium boy.
    You're from Sydney too yeh, which colour/size are you thinking of buying?
  8. Lovely family
  9. My Chanel Family. Accesories are not included in the pic ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468367492.599440.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468367501.034448.jpg
  10. Thanks for the feedback. And yes, in Sydney. It's a small small Chanel world!
  11. I love this collection. What's the name of the tote?
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  13. Oh thank you so much! The boy tote is from Cruise 15, and the tote on the left is from Cruise 16. Both are just called large shopping tote on the tags!! Sorry, not of much help!