Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. I love your family!! :love:
  2. I love your vintage Diana!
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  3. Great choices!!
  4. image.jpeg My babies:heart::loveeyes::love:
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  6. Thank you! I recently bought this from a vintage seller I often buy from and was so surprised that even though it is 22 years old, it is still in excellent condition. There are no scratches and it's still smooth! I have recently become a big fan of vintage Chanel!
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  8. My little all black family! Happy not to add any more for now and live through other tpf's beautiful new purchases! Thanks for letting me share!

  9. Beautiful family!! Love that so black reissue!!
  10. My small family. Thanks for letting me share :smile: bag3.jpg bag2.jpg
  11. Beautiful collection and Loving that so black chevron!!!
  12. Love your middle row, especially the reissue. What size is the reissue, 225 or 226?
  13. My SLGs