Post your Chanel family portrait...


Aug 7, 2017
Wow, amazing collection! Which one is your favorite, which one has never been used and which one is the most used?
My everyday ones are not shown in here but I definitely lean towards darker color for daily use. My favorite ones are the 22P light pink, 21K iridescent blue and 21K glittered silver but they are mainly for admiration. I usually get the card cases in colors i like but don’t feel is practical as bags so I actually don’t have many bag and case “sets”
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May 27, 2019
Sharing a part of my collection built up through the years - as you can see, I love my dark colors!

(Back row from left to right)
Chanel 19 in dark navy from 22K - love how she becomes dark grey in a different light! Tracking down this bag was an adventure - talked to a few different SAs and one of them tried several boutiques for weeks before one finally agreed to ship.
Jumbo classic flap in caviar with 24K GHW - my first Chanel, purchased in 2008 and shipped from London (back in the good old days when Chanel would actually ship bags abroad!) She was among the last flaps to feature 24K gold.

(Front row from left to right)
Coco First seasonal bag - a bit of an impulse buy from the boutique in London last year but love the size and shape and the vintage feel!
Medium classic flap in caviar with GHW - a bag I’ve wanted for more than a decade but the new prices are hard to stomach. Was fortunate to come across this 2010 edition in the preloved market in a great condition and at a price I was comfortable with. She has a black interior - among the last classic flaps to have a black interior before Chanel changed it to burgundy.
Small Boy in charcoal grey caviar with ruthenium hardware - purchased preloved from EBay. She’s from 2018K but was in pristine condition and looked completely unused.

Not shown - a couple reissues, a WOC and card case. Maybe I will post an updated portrait at some point :smile: