Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. Your chevron mini is divine.
  2. That stingray boy is amazing!
  3. One of the more amazing bags on this thread!! What season/collection is it from?

  4. Thanks! I believe it was around 2010

  5. Thanks. It is from cruise 2011/2012 collection.
  6. Thank you! I didn't want to have a collection full of classic flaps...
  7. My happy little Chanel family...I am quite content with it at the moment. :heart:
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  8. Wonderful family :smile:
  9. Thank you. :heart:
  10. oh wow! beautiful! :love:
  11. Thank you. :heart:
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463880374.301426.jpg

    Here's my humble collection. Love them all!

    - Red caviar jumbo single flap bag
    - Black caviar M/L bag
    - Blue python boy
    - Black caviar chevron square mini
    - Coral caviar timeless Woc
    - Black caviar card holder
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  13. OMG - that blue python boy is AMAZING! :woot:

  14. Thank you!!!

  15. Gorgeous collection! You have such a great mix of classics and unique pieces!