Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. My small collection 😊
  2. I bought the same chevron Boy (and same size) last month. I LOVE it!!!!
    It has so much personality. Enjoy it!!!

  3. All of 4 looks so pretty and what precious collection!!! :heart:
  4. My little family! Still thinking about adding a 16c blue medium to the mix. Recently sold my medium So Black, praying that Chanel brings that back soon so I can get it in jumbo and caviar 🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼

  5. gorgeous!! :smile: love the white boy!

  6. An amazing collection! Love
  7. Great collection!
  8. Omg beautiful collection !!!!

  9. That gray
  10. hey there! what is that tote on the upper left called and what season is it from? it's gorgeous! (and I think I want one!)
  11. Loving my small collection️️️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462803212.998237.jpg
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  12. I love your collection!
    That iridescent pink one is tdf! :heart:
  13. Wow! What a well rounded collection!
    Love all your CFs!
  14. Very nice!!
    Love your SLG's!