Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. One messy Chanel pile
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  2. Wow what a impressive collection :smile:

  3. I love to be in that chanel pile lol ;) what a great collection .
  4. Excellent collection! Love that each piece is special in some way.
  5. took about 7 yrs to accumulate :smile:
  6. awwh, thanks...u r cute...i should try to burry myself in it and meditate:lol:
  7. love all of your bags, especially the boy!:love::love::love::love::love:
  8. wow!! what a collection! congrats - they are stunning :smile:)
  9. W...O...W!

    Such a well-rounded collection - both in terms of styles and colours. Chanel heaven!
  10. Thanks!...some brights would b nice....but i always play pretty conservative with Chanel
  11. aww, thx!
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462355030.524982.jpg

    Black - navy - navy - black
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  13. Thank you all so much!
  14. My only child
  15. I will get the tags off soon! My favorite was the camellia strass one. But now this new strass that I bought at the end of April is my new favorite...
    IMG_2566.JPG 20160419_140036_resized.jpg
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