Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. Aww thanks for your lovely comments! ️
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460783558.255580.jpg
    The chevron backpack is my newest addition. I'm thinking of selling the GST. Would love to hear some opinion on this...
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  3. Absolutely gorgeous collection! I love the gst so I say don't sell :smile:
  4. Excellent collection. Well done!
    What are your reasons for considering selling the GST? That may help us to help you.
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460803370.174113.jpg
    My collection ️. Thank you for letting me share..
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  6. Love it!!!
    I have the jumbo versions of the blue and red chevrons. They are exquisite in mini size!

  7. Thank you :smile:

  8. Hi Doodles78, I just haven't been reaching for it mainly because of the weight and boxiness which is why I'm thinking of selling it while it's still pristine. I guess it's better than letting it sit in the closet and collecting dust :smile:
  9. Ah, then in that case I have to differ from others and recommend you sell it. There are plenty of people looking for exactly what you have, and are not using, so why not?
  10. love your collection!
  11. You got the beauty lock cc ! My husband love that bag but I purchased another Bag instead . How are you liking it? Is it similiar to a WOC ?
  12. Love your tote! I've been searching a tote for a while and didn't want to get the GST so I settled down with a Cruise crown cc Tote.

  13. I bought the beauty lock because I was looking for a beige-nude bag in small size and beige minis are almost imposible to get. It is bigger than a Woc and a rectangular mini. I find this bag in this particular colour really beautiful and I am happy with it, taking into account that I love classic bags...

  14. Gorgeous collection! Love love love the pink mini
  15. wonderful collection;)