Post your CHANEL Family Portait

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  1. wow, everyone has a great collection
  2. So beautiful *sigh*:drool:
  3. where did you get the cap ? and how much was it i love it !!!!
    i love it... I gotta have it.. someone pick me up one if you find it !!!!
  4. hi, i ordered the caps from ny. bev hills, chicago didn't have them. maybe if u call u can get ur hands on one! good luck! it's super cute. the only problem is it's a little small, but I DON'T CARE! LOL!
  5. i forgot to answer ur question about the price of the cap...I think the cap was $425. it was around there. no more than $450. IT'S BEST FOR SMALL HEADS! I WISH I COULD MAKE MY HEAD SMALLER! UGH!
  6. Love:love: looking at everyone's collections ... absolutely beautiful!
  7. I have those same flip flops!!!:flowers:
  8. ok here go my sunnies.... one pair in the car
    Nov11_005.jpg Nov11_006.jpg Nov11_007.jpg
  9. some more sunnies
    Nov11_002.jpg Nov11_003.jpg Nov11_004.jpg
  10. ok its been rough this morning trying to do this... forgive the small pics... but I am using my daughters camera phone.. pics arent tht bad...
    here go my prescriptions... as you see i love that one pair.. I bought 2 just in case... i love them.
    Nov11_008.jpg Nov11_009.jpg Nov11_010.jpg
  11. ok here are a few of my fav accessories... i posted these before in the acces thread
    Nov11_011.jpg Nov11_012.jpg Sep13_012.jpg Sep13_013.jpg
  12. ok ... these tennis shoes i have had for about 4 years and i refuse to get rid of them- they are the mst comfortale shoes in the world.. in NM one day a SA had a pair on and she told me she bought 2 pair...
    also these boots are so comfy and sexy.. I love them.. i wear just them for the BF he loves them..
    I have a closet full of sandals...
    to many to photo with this camera phone...
    when i get my new digital camera- which should be soon.. i will post themm..
    but i will post my fav.'s
    Nov11_015.jpg Nov11_016.jpg Nov11_017.jpg Nov11_018.jpg
  13. :heart::wlae:ok here are some of my fav shoes/sandals
    Nov11_025.jpg Nov11_031.jpg Nov11_030.jpg Nov11_032.jpg Nov11_034.jpg
  14. :supacool:and some more
    Nov11_037.jpg Nov11_039.jpg Nov11_040.jpg Nov11_041.jpg Nov11_042.jpg
  15. :roflmfao::wtf::yahoo:and then these..
    the lil plastic cc's are what was haning from the shoesl... one broke off and i lost at myrtle beach-- and this one i found in the box....wish i could some more to attach..
    i have been looking for a bag for some time to go with the clear flip flops and that naked bag will do just perfect for me...:love:
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