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  1. Here are the final family pics now that the Grey Reissue is here.
    Part II. These are the first 3 group pics (above posts pics are not included in these):

    Chanel Larger sizes.jpg Chanel Smaller sizes.jpg Chanel bags part3a.jpg
  2. wow golden!!! You have the most amazing collection i have ever seen!
  3. unbelievable collections, golden, what a gorgeous collection, congrats!
  4. Golden, gorgeous collection! I'm loving everyone's pictures!!! :flowers:
  5. Love everyone's collections. Golden, your collection is out of this world!
  6. Golden, what a fab collection!!
  7. OMG!! and WOW! i hope they have their own room :lol:
  8. I hate you with a passion golden!


    You're so lucky.
  9. Golden, I don't know how you could end up with this amazing collection. Just how do you (or be able to afford to) do it?? I am jealous!
  10. Golden, wow...Im
  11. Everyone has such fabulous collections! Golden you could open your very own Chanel boutique!
  12. omg, goldensx5... you are now my goddess!!!!
    you have pretty much all the bags i want- multiple reissues, multiple cerfs, fab classic flaps, the cloudy bundle tote, and of course now the ritz! all that's missing is something from the vintage ligne and you have my dream collection!
  13. ^^ Thanks ALL. I am glad you enjoy the collection pics. My favorite (most used) of them all believe it or not, is the Black Cloudy Bundle N/S tote.
    Jennifer, I actually had 2 Square Vintage line bags (Black Triangular shape one and the dark brown N/S tote) and although they are pretty bags, they just were not for me and I returned them. Some bags I know immediately are not for me and others I let sit for about a week and then if I am not feeling it in a week (or haven't used it), I end up returning it. The Sq. Vintage didn't make the cut. I've decided this year that instead of 'collecting' them as I have in past years (and just let them sit in their boxes), the only ones I will buy & keep are those that I will 'use'. That's helped me alot in whittling down what I have ended up with this year.
    Thanks again everyone for all of your sweet comments about the Chanel collection! :flowers:
  14. Your collection is a great mixture of casual to dressy. So beautiful!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.