Post your CHANEL Family Portait

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  1. Your yellow GST is TDF...very very pretty :smile:
  2. My current Chanel handbag family(from left to right): Beige Clair GST w GHW, S/M Classic Flap in Black Lambskin w GHW, and Medallion Tote in Black Caviar w GHW.
  3. Oooh lala!Flap heaven!:smile:

    What a chic collection!

    Love your classic flaps!!!excellent color choices :smile:

    Great collection,LVbemerry! LOL the dh/bfs always laugh when we say we are content with our collections, don't they...:graucho:they know we're already planning the next purchase..

    Aww love the way you shot this.The flaps are very photogenic :p
  4. Thank you for your kind words.
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  6. you have a beautiful collection sfb481!
  7. Thank you Islandgirl76 :hugs:
    I love yours too.
  8. OMG! All these bags are soooo beautiful.
  9. Thank you my dear, MrsJstar :smooch:
  10. Thank you my dear, MrsJstar:smooch:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.