Post your CHANEL Family Portait

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  1. THANK YOU guys!

    Can't wait to see yours E !!!
  2. Well here it is! I even took a pic of all the boxes I had to open for you all! Ug, it was hard work.
    chanel boxes.jpg chanel portrait.jpg chanel portrait 2.jpg
  3. My Chanel family should grow by the end of the week:angel: , so I'll post something then.

    Everyone's collections are gorgeous!
  4. Hey Cosmopolitan -- can you please tell me the name/retail price of your bag on the right? (The one with the two clasps?)
    I am totally in LUV with it, it's so ridiculously awesome~~~
  5. Very nice Erika! It's alot of work to post pics right!?
  6. Oh yes! :yes: So much work Swanky! I'm in need of refreshment now. I'm feeling parched.
  7. elongreach, I have the same Chanel flats, only mine have the black C's. They fit small, did you find you had to go up a size?
  8. No, I bought a 40 which is my size, but I really needed a 40.5. So I stretched them just a smidge.
  9. I am having problems watermarking my pics. I will try again when I get home.
  10. Sorry I have been so delinquent. Have been working like a maniac but hope to post my updated, hopefully more rounded family tonight or tomorrow!! :smile:
  11. I miss you Stace!:winkiss:
  12. Miss you to Swanky:heart: I quickly pop in from time to time though because I would never be able to go cold turkey without you gals!

    BTW, I absolutely love seeing everyone's collections! So nice to see! Hopefully we will all post!
  13. Thanks! I purchased that bag in November 2005 for $2,125 from the Chanel boutique at Tyson's Galleria in Va. The leather is lambskin, and it is extremely soft and luxurious. It is so unstructured that when the stuffing is removed, it collapses sort of like a Balenciaga, and it hangs more like a hobo over the shoulder, as opposed to looking boxy. It's also pretty big and roomy, I'm guessing 14"x10"x5". I'm not sure of the name of the bag; Chanel doesn't name many of them. (The tag just says "Classic Bag with Flap," which is no help whatsoever.) When I bought it last fall, the SA told me it was a "limited edition." I've seen a few around this year, but not many.
  14. Anna, cosmo, Erika, and Rose - GORGEOUS collections!!! :drool:
  15. Here are the final family pics now that the Grey Reissue is here.
    Part I. These are the last five added to my collection (black lg lambskin classic, Blanc Fonce caviar lg classic: Grey smaller sized Ritz, Grey 2.55 225 Reissue, White caviar wallet with chain)
    black lambskin.jpg blanc fonce.jpg Ritz rs1.jpg Chanel grey reissue and white wallet bag rs.jpg
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