Post your CHANEL Family Portait

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  1. What a lovely and well-rounded Chanel family. :love:
  2. where's everyone elses? :cry:

    The black sunnies are the Mother of Pearl for this year, most comfy glasses I've ever worn.:yes:
  3. ^

    I know, I know, I always complain when people don't post pics..I have to get with it..
  4. Here is my Chanel family. OF course I did not watermark. 3 pair of shoes, 3 sunnies (only wear the ones on the far right). Plus my white caviar "Charlotte" bag and my Jumbo lambskin flap with gold hardware.
    chanelfam1.jpg chanelfam2.jpg
  5. ^ GORGEOUS!!!!! You need to get another Chanel bag, then you'll have 3 in each category :graucho:
  6. Nice collections, both of you! Where's everyone else - I wanna see more pics!
  7. I'm gonna take the "portrait" of mine when I get home!
  8. Thanks Jen!! I am working on my third..LOL
  9. Here's my :heart: Chanel family :heart: (LOVE it to pieces!!!!):

    -Reissue 225 with gold hardware

    -Small lambskin wallet to match the Reissue

    -Pink caviar agenda

    -Big black wallet (not sure what it's called)

    my CC collection.jpg
  10. now this is what I'm talkin' about!:lol:
    Thanks for indulging me!

    Where's everyone else?:search:
  11. Here's my Chanel family pic. They were all purchased in 2004 and 2005 (three from the Chanel boutique at Tysons Galleria, Va., and one from Neiman Marcus). Sadly, I haven't gotten any new Chanels this year. :sad: But I've got a wish list!
    Chanel family pic.JPG
  12. VERY nice!
    OOOOH! Is that a chocolate Reporter?:drool:
  13. Oh Swanky! Swanky! Me! Me! Me!

    I'm going to go take a pic of my family right now! Right along with all my other stuff I've been promising to take pics of.
  14. Thank you Swanky! Yes, it is a Chocolate Brown Mini Reporter w/ Chocolate Brown Patent CCs. Personally, I always preferred the one-tone Cambon bags, rather than the two-tone ones (black/white, pink/black, etc.)
  15. 225 Reissue black with gold h/w (2.55-2005)
    226 reissue black with silver h/w (2006)
    phone bag black with silver (2.55-2005)
    phone bag grey with silver(2.55-2005)
    cambon pink camera case
    cambon white messenger
    cc case
    long wallet
    make up case

    pic 2: phone case
    cfam.jpg phone2.jpg
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