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  1. SO many new bags in our collections. . . thought it'd be fun to post some updated family photos!:biggrin:

    *don't forget to watermark!!!:yes:
  2. ^I thought u have a GST too?
  3. would it be easier to make it PHOTOS only and no chatting? =)
  4. I returned the GST. . .
    ^ I don't think we'll use this as a Reference thread since we have the library now, chat away!:yes:
  5. Swanky,
    Instructions for wartermarking please.
  6. Oh? Did you not like it? I'm really thinking about getting one but am still unsure...
  7. I LOVE the GST, but back when I bought it black/silver wasn't available.
    I bought the black/gold on a whim but it wasn't me.
    I'll get one soon hopefully!

    Penny, I'll link the thread that's FULL of fab watermarking help!
  8. I thought you liked it! B/c I read in different threads where you suggest the GST. There was one with silver hardware at my store just a few days ago but I actually sold it to a fellow PM'er! She also prefers silver hardware over gold hardware.
  9. swanky, what is that small black it a clutch or a wallet??
  10. I think it a wallet (from Paris New York Collection)..
  11. ^yes, it's my PNY big zippered wallet:heart:
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    Swank, since I haven't been around lately you've gotten a few new acquisitions! I love that ivory (or white?) bag!!
  13. Thanks Annie! It's the Vintage Ligne Tote in a dark white! I took it back originally thinking it wasn't right for me. . . but I ran back and got her and I'm SO pleased!
  14. Swanky what model are those black sunglasses? Very cool and love your new collection!!! The vintage white is perfect.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.