Post your Chanel Accessories and Jewelry here!

  1. 06 Sunnies:love: :heart: Great when you wear your hair down. Now I need another pair for ponytails!
  2. LUV~LUV~LUV~CHANEL~:shame:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  3. My accessories
    BigC Front.jpg BigC glasses.jpg Chanel Earrings.jpg necklace.jpg
  4. a couple more sunnies
    quilted front.jpg quilted sunny.jpg rhinestone front.jpg Rhinestone side.jpg
  5. Not sure what this one is called but it is VERY similar to Louis Vuitton's Inclusion Bangle. It was $230 USD. The style number is A32774. It also comes is a HUGE size (a good few inches), which is $895.
    bracelet3.JPG bracelet1.JPG bracelet5.JPG
  6. Here are a scarf, credit cardholder and pair of boots with the trademark chain running down the front of the boot
    DSC06318.jpg ChanelCreditCardHolder.jpg DSCN2115.jpg
  7. Vintage luggage, classic pearls and new brown leather boots with trademark chain detail
    chanel luggage.jpg DSCN2456.jpg DSCN2492.JPG
  8. Umbrella, assorted jewelry and vintage hoop earrings.
    d0_1.jpg a4_1.jpg chaneljewelry.jpg
  9. Some shoes (ignore my foot cushion pad :shame: ) and a vintage jewelry set
    dscn2496.jpg dsp_100_7430.jpg dscn2495.jpg
  10. I just realized I never posted the picture of my Cambon flats...also, I bought my friend's Cruise heart earrings from 04! She knew how much I loved them and she'd only worn them once then decided the clips didn't work for her...that pic will come soon.:yahoo:
  11. messenger (f/w 03 i believe)

  12. My brand new Camelia Sunglasses! Beautiful ain't it?:supacool:
  13. Chanel sunglasses -- retail $375 + tax
    Catalog # 5080B
    wtrmkd2.JPG wtrmkd.JPG
  14. Assorted accessories:
    Picture 001.JPG IMG_3610 (2).JPG Picture 005.JPG Picture 006.JPG Picture 010.JPG
  15. my chanel sunnies, rhinestone earrings, and coco necklace. :yahoo: