Post Your CELINE Bag Pictures Here

  1. what a wonderful scene! thanks for sharing... makes me even more proud of my purchase! hehe... can't wait to contribute here!
  2. Kitty Kat, do you usually take your ipad in your bag all the time? let us know if you notice the bag stretching out because of the extra weight. that happened with my Bal bag, such soft leather.
    How is the leather, thick? does it seem like a workhorse or something you will have to baby? cant stop thinking about this bag!!!
  3. Alright ladies...going to start a thread on helping me choose which color- but here are the Anthracite and Wine color side by side...and I am leaning toward the wine..actually a bit darker IRL than in the pics, but a beautiful color!! I usually like greys and blacks, but this wine is AMAZING....let me know your thoughts!! TONS of pics to follow...btw...we are currently renovating our house- so forgive the background mess!!
    IMG_1704.jpg IMG_1705.jpg IMG_1715.jpg IMG_1716.jpg IMG_1717.jpg
  4. More of each one...
    IMG_1706.jpg IMG_1707.jpg IMG_1711.jpg IMG_1709.jpg IMG_1712.jpg
  5. More...:nuts::nuts:
    IMG_1712.jpg IMG_1713.jpg IMG_1714.jpg IMG_1715.jpg
  6. ohhhh....anthracite gets my vote....simply because i'm a classic neutral kinda girl!
  7. ^you know my choice! :drinkup: by gosh that lining :drool: slurp!
  8. Tough choice! I'd get the wine as the style of the bag is so classic and boxy so I'd get an unusual colour to grab some attention.
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    oh my goodness! I followed ryry over here and wish I hadn't! This Celine style is incredibly beautiful! I do not need more temptation!!

  10. anthra for me, more neutral but both are amazing....! if you've got dark colours in your wardrobe, the bordeaux seems the best imo... either way, can't go wrong!
  11. wow, that wine is gorgeous! but it looks so small.....ugh, I think I will need to get the big one! we'll see, arrives today. SO excited!
  12. KittyKat65: Congrats!! Love your bag, it is STUNNING!!! I mostly like the zip/curves version more but I thought the anthra+envelope combo is gorgeous! Enjoy your new bag! :smile:
  13. jackieusa, let us know when she arrives. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the size and it will be just right. The larger is significantly larger, more like luggage...
  14. The wine is not small- and MUCH darker in person- like a cabernet color really- and that is the one I kept- AND I bought the orange envelope-could not get it out of my head! LOL!
  15. So my black luggage FINALLY here this week... I took a quick photo in my apartment lift :p... will try to take better ones tomorrow... at least now you guys can see my bag wasn't a myth :sweatdrop: