Post Your CELINE Bag Pictures Here

  1. The forest green looks gorgeous!
  2. My new FW2012 Trapeze in Jungle. She is absolutely gorgeous and I'm in love with how comfortable it feels on my shoulder using the shoulder strap after stuffing in a thin baby blanket, a travel wallet, sunglasses, an iPad in a case, and my gigantic key ring set. :smile:.

    Please disregard how comfy I look in my mod pic. Driving around Seattle metro area for more than two hours in traffic searching for this bag with a toddler didn't help. Lol.
    image-4140510375.jpg image-1777711272.jpg image-4100110867.jpg
  3. Thank you. Love your avatar celine too.
  4. Thank you , Fumi.
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    Hi all! Anyone have any idea what's the following item code number??? I will be calling the store at Paris to enquire about the stock.
    Please help. Thanks all! :smile: greatly appreciated !!

    Mini luggage in drummed leather coquelicot
    Mini luggage in dune (not sure about the leather)
  6. Thank you. Every time I look at a Celine Luggage they make me smile :smile:
  7. love the bag, and your outfit is very cute :smile:
  9. Hello ladies

    Sharing my recent 'acquisition' with you :smile:
  11. Love the color . What color is it ?
  12. it's burgundy :smile:
  13. cant seem to post my royal blue phantom
  14. I can't seem to post pics of my Camel Mini luggage or grey croc stamped phantom bags. If anyone has any fall pics with these bags, please post so I can have ideas of what to wear with these beauties for the fall! Thanks in advance!
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