Post Your CELINE Bag Pictures Here

  1. may i ask where you got the cobalt mini? I have been searching hi and low for this bag. Thanks!
  2. Beautiful - and a classic, useful colour
  3. Hi! I got it off eBay! There or Bonz are probably the only place you will find one:shucks:
  4. My latest addition :

    and here is a pic of my Céline collection, not the best pic, sorry about that :smile:

  5. Thank you so much! I will never get tired of it because its classic & useful!:biggrin:
  6. What a beautiful red!!! I'm impressed. Congrats!:p

  7. What a beautiful red Mini is that,,, French!!! Great score!!!!!!!Congrats!!! I am actually waiting for a Red bag and a mini from 2010 now !!! but not as pretty as yours:biggrin: I just wonder how the weight of the bag like? I really love this 2010 collection! I will wait for your mod pics :cool: Please!!!
  8. Here's my little collection :smile:
    photo (5).JPG
  9. My very first Celine luggage! So happy!!!
    Camel Shoulder luggage SS 2011
  10. angelastoel, Congrats on your first but may not be the last celine bag:graucho: Camel smooth is TDF!!! I ve started to adore this shoulder luggage style (and waiting for one...:cool: ) Looking forward to seeing your fabulous mod shots with it!
  11. Ohhh French, when did you start your little non-Bal collection?! lol
    The seude combo mini is beautiful, very different from what we normally see!!

  12. thanks! I am afraid it will not end with this Celine, to be honest, I am already eying another! I am planning on making modeling shots asap!
  13. Congrats! You can't go wrong with this beautiful camel colour!
    I'm sure that you'll buy more Celine bags, they're very hard to resist :graucho:

    ps I love your blog! I'm reading it for months now and I really love your style :smile:
  14. They sre very addictive indeed! And so great to hear you like my blog!
  15. The Bijenkorf is getting new Celine bags coming in this week, be prepared if you want another one, or two...