Post your CATALOG CODES for Chanel pieces here! NO CHATTING

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    I thought we should have a thread where we can add catalog codes from NM catalogs or any other store.
    Please include the Chanel description, item # and page and catalog code from back cover.
    Let's not ask question in this thread or chat, that way people can scan it quickly for the info they're seeking.

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. NM - the gift book
    catalog code: GF807

    Page 6
    The Rock satchel 6A - $1795
    Top-stictched patent leather slicker hut {bucket hat} 6B - $325

    Page 9
    Dark Beige Bubble Quilt lamb leather tote w/ gold h/w
    9 - Tote $2,575
  3. I'm not sure if Saks has a catalog code?

    Saks Fifth Avenue
    Spring/Preview 2008 "Generation Mex"
    Page 17
    Coral Modern Quilted Lambskin Hobo (aka Large Walk of Fame bag)
  4. Chanel classic timelsee shoulder bag in dark silver, chain-and-leather strap. Medium size I think, hard to tell from the catalog.

    FCS07, 3A, 1995.
  5. Chanel "the perfect day" tote, small, black. ACF07, 14A. $2795.

    Black bker booties with cutout ankle strap, CC logo detail, and 3 1/3" quilted-detail covered heels. ACF07, 14B., $995.

    Black quilted hidden chain hobo. $2795. ACF07, 15.
  6. Catalog code is f1107, item number is 2B. $1475.
  7. GST in Bordeaux is available at $1895 in NM catalog
    Catalog code is FSB07, item number 15C.
  8. NM
    catalog code F108

    Modern Chain Tote 2A $2250
    lt beige pearlized metallic leather ballet flats 2B $550
    black metallic patent leather ballet flats 2C $550

    black quilted plastic lens over frames sunglasses 4 $395
    The Rock Flap black textured patent vinyl 5 $1695

    ummm, not sure why it won't upload my other 2 pics :sad:
  9. White Quilted Leather Tote

    Source Code NH108G
    Item# 39A

    White Tote.jpg
  10. editing to add this is a NM catalog code:

    Catalog Code : SB08

    8A - Black matte satin pumps with CC logo detailed 4' heels ($695)
    8B - Black quilted patent leather "Secret Label" bag ($1,995)


    9A - Deer leather top-handle "Executive" tote, in black or white ($1,995)
    9B - Black kid leather cap-toe pumps with white piping ($795)

    nmc01_0001.jpg nmc01_0002.jpg
  11. Neiman Marcus

    Catalog code : GFT08

    2 - Black sunnies with silvertone CC logo-hinge detail ($390)


    3A - Black GST with silver HW ($2,125)
    3B - Black calf leather thong sandals with silvertone curved CC detail ($550)

    IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0002.jpg
  12. Chanel perforated expandable bottom flap:

    Catalog is ACS08 and the bag is 42B $1595.00

  13. Catalog code: ACS08

    2A: Red Lamb Leather "LAX Airport Camera Case" shoulder bag with ultralight ruthenium chain & leather shoulder strap (red, or black) $2,395

    2B: Slingbacks $850

    3: Patent leather loafers $595

    4: Cat-eye sunglasses $325

    5A: Black nylong oversized sport sack $995

    5B: Sporty leather Mary Janes w/removable kiltie detail $575
    SS08 Red Tote.jpg SS08 flats.jpg SS08 sunglasses.jpg SS08 sneakers.jpg