Post your Cartier Family Portrait!

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  1. i love your Trinity Cord Bracelet! Thinking of getting one as well. I see yours is grey cord! Question though, does the Trinity Cord Bracelet come in the usual Cartier Red Jewelry Box or does it come in a pouch only and ordinary Cartier box? :smile:
  2. Honestly I don't remember. I sold this bracelet a while ago.
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    OMG!!! I made a big mistake!!! I'll move to VCA family portrait thread!!!:blush:
  4. Came in expecting Cartier update, still left happy because of the VCA eye candy. Love it! Everything is perfect.
  5. Ha ha! Me too! Einseine, your collection is just perfect! I love how thought out each piece is so that it matches or is interchangeable with one another. Sigh.....I may save this photo to stare at later-lol
  6. Thank you, Juneko and CATYES!:sweatdrop:
  7. Omg amazing collection!
  8. Love that stack!!!
  9. I never posted here? Weird!

    This pic kinda shows everything

    - large ballon blue
    - yg love
    - rg love
    - xl trinity ring.


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  10. Beautiful collection!

  11. You have one of my favorite Cartier collections! Gorgeous!
  12. I can't even breathe. :graucho:
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370448026.293021.jpg
    My new baby trinity bracelet. I have the matching necklace as well
  14. Family photos. 1st photo is my newest stuff, although the watch is AP not Cartier, but the sunglasses and bracelet are Cartier.



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  15. Bumping the proper thread! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1406033173.521589.jpg
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