Post your Cartier Family Portrait!

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  1. I'm wearing mine..:smile: that's it, at least for this year!:smile:)

  2. love your trinity bracelet. I have a trinity ring and you make me feel I need a bracelet to match with it too :lol:
  3. Thank you for letting me contribute my Cartier family!

    SS Tank Francaise
    Vintage Tank
    Classic Trinity ring
    YG Love Cuff
    YG Love ring[​IMG]

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  4. My family portrait:

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  5. what a great family gathering
  6. love the yellow gold bangle and the trinity bangle!!!!! thats so chic!
  7. my cartier family portrait. almost forgot the clou bracelet:P and my yellow love bracelet

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  8. What a gorgeous family. I would have this pic framed on a wall. :smile:
  9. thank you!
  10. love your Tank so so much.

    I really want one as my birthday gift, but the price is a little over budget.
    Dose anyone here have any idea how to negotiate the price with Cartier boutique or authorized dealer?Are they allowed to give me any discount?
    ( I'm in the UK)

    Thank you very much.
  11. I don't know about the CArtier boutique but authorized dealers, definitely negotiate! I got a 15% discount at an authorized dealer
  12. Does anyone know if Cartier offer store credit cards or payment plans
    I'm looking to purchase to the love bangle and it's easier for me to pay off over time rather than in a lump some
    I'm in the UK
    Also do they offer discount on purchase in the uk?
    Finally how on earth do I order ? I can't see how to on their website and I do not live anywhere near a store
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated thanks ladies x
  13. How did you find an authorized dealer who would offer a discount. Thanks!
  14. Beautiful pictures!
  15. They do have a monthly payment plan and you need to do a credit check! Its their "Red" card and its only offered to first time buyers! You should inquire with a SA. Good luck!
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