Post your Cartier Family Portrait!

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  1. The Van Cleef Family Portrait thread was such a cute idea that I decided to start a Cartier one! I can't believe I actually have a little "family" of Cartier but here it is - maybe will grow one day! Would love to see yours!

    YG plain LOVE bangle :heart:
    Trinity charm:cloud9:
    Medium pave diamond/WG orchid pendant :love::love:

  2. Yay gorgeous Jenn! I will def take pics soon!!!
    Love that Orchid and Trinity piece!
  3. Love your new Trinity charm/necklace!
  4. Here's my family.

    RG multistone Love ring
    YG Love bracelet
    Trinity cord bracelet
    YG Tank

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  5. I love the Orchid pendant! Do you happen to have any modeling pics?
  6. Sure! It's not the best picture for capturing sparkle but good reference for size! :smile:

    (ps I had the chain lengthened to 18 inches so it would actually be a bit shorter in length straight from the boutique). :smile:

  7. Gorgeous!!! We both have most of the different lines covered in our collections... I didn't really set out to do that but love that I've got something from the LOVE, Orchids and Trinity! :smile:
  8. Thanks! It looks great on you! It is very hard to capture the sparkle on film.
  9. Your necklace is beautiful! Would you mind sharing the dimensions of the orchid? Thank you.
  10. If u don't mind me asking what is the price of the orchid necklace now?
  11. I want that Trinity cord bracelet!
  12. I'm so glad this thread was started! Thanks OP!

    Here is my small family that I adore so much!

    Love cuff in YG

    Baby Love in WG

    Love wedding band in WG with a diamond

    Lanieres wedding band in YG with a diamond





  13. Gorgeous!!!

    I might have a new addition to the family to post today... :blush::blush:
  14. Ohhh!!!!! I like it when you're bad! :graucho:
  15. Oh no! Please don't be bad! Why why?? If you're bad that'll encourage me to be bad!!
    I want another Cartier piece before the price increase but I'm on a serious band! I've been contemplating a Trinity ring..
    Can't wait to see what you got!
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