Post your BV Ready To Wear

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  1. Hi BVettes,

    Why not post our BV RTW. You wore it before? No problem! You are wearing it today? Excellent!
  2. IMG_2628.PNG Im too shy to show my face but recently, I was bitten by BV Rtw bug. Here is my contribution. Actually I already wore it two months ago, but this is my new favorite outfit so I am trying to mix and match this with my other pieces in my wardrobe. This is from SS 2017
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  3. I love some of the looks but its not appropriate for my lifestyle. The boutique where I shop doesn't carry it so I never even see it except in photos. But I'm eager to see the way bvettes wear their BV fashions. Your black leather skirt is stunning. Another outfit...posted while I was typing. Looks perfect for you.
  4. OMG Diane! You know, that's actually what I felt for some of my outfits. But I love them anyway, I work in tech and all of the people around me wear jeans, shirt and a rubber shoes. I really hate to say that most of the time, I stand out. Im really kinda shy inside but my love for fashion and clothes supersedes everything even my shyness!
  5. I applaud you. What other people wear shouldn't affect your fashion choices. I'm retired and am totally into linen tunics and pants (or jeans). When I was younger, I was more into fashion and experimenting in newer styles. You clearly look great in the's as though they were made for you. And I'm totally mesmerized by that belt....and leather pant detail.
  6. Love it!
  7. Aww. thanks so much @muchstuff and @diane278
    Ill post another pic tomorrow, I wore a BV today, however the outfit is just a repeat of what Im gonna post. :smile:
  8. Beautiful outfit on you! I love the leather detail on the shirt and pants. Your espadrilles really pull it all together.
  9. Bravo to you for dressing well even if no one else does! (People wear rubber shoes in the office?! I get that some industries have a casual dress code, but really, rubber shoes are for the park, pool, or beach.)
  10. Awww thank you so much @tenKrat ! And yes! since I work in Tech, the feel is very very laid back and casual so you could see them wearing rubber shoes, shorts, slippers!
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  11. I’m dying to see it on you. I’d also love to see your previous outfit again....have you done anything different in the way you style it? The pieces look so versatile.
  12. IMG_3593.PNG Omg, sorry if the link is broken. I only have the jacket, the skirt is not yet with me. But here is the runway photo.
  13. IMG_3595.PNG This one was from last year! But Im gonna wear it again lol. The fabric was sooo perfect. I was wearing the same sandals! lol