Post your Burberry Christmas gifts!!!

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope everyone got exactly what they wanted. Will post pictures in a bit- camara needs to be recharged and cannot find the charger.

    Hubby and pupsters got me 2 scarfs, 1 clutch, and a bag. He also said I can pick out one item from the burberry sale tomorrow.

    Once camara is charged, will post pics!
  2. Oh, the wait...
  3. I know and I hate long reveals- but my camara is dead. We took pics and video of the puppies playing with their christmas toys. Even caught a bit of the fight for the squeaky santa!

    I just figured people will post pics of their goodies too!
  4. Same here! LOL. I recieved my first Burberry purse from my cousin, today. It's sort of small, but I like it. I'll post up pictures, ASAP. My camera should be ready in about 45 min.
  5. I got one of the cashmere nova check scarves for my mom for Christmas (the classic one)...I'll be wearing it too lol, it's so pretty.
  6. I got the light pink cashmere novacheck scarf as well besides the hot pink one! :yahoo:
  7. that's the same bag I got! The tag says "Regent" on it right?
    I got mine from Bloomingdales and handed it to my DH and said "Xmas. Done" LOL
    I saw one in the store w/ a zippered top and thought it was different but I measured and the dimensons were the same!
  8. ive never posted in the burberry forum...(probably because the only burberry goodie i have is a pair of gloves lol) buttttttttt for some reason this xmas was full of nova check goodies for me! I got a bag, hat, ear muffs and santa gave me cash for a couple of scarves!!! YAYYYYYYYYY! :smile:
  9. I didn't see that it said anything on it. But I'll check again. It's still in the box with the pretty bow under the tree. I'm going to unstuff her and take all of the wrapping off the handles, etc., this evening when I get home from work, and I'll let you know.
  10. my sister bought me the novacheck cashmere earmuffs. unfortunately, i have no clue how to load pics up and also my laptop is partially broken :confused1:
  11. My sweet DH got it for me (sorry for the not so good pic... I was in a hurry opening presents:smile:)
  12. I LOVE that wallet!
    And it matches my bag perfectly! :rolleyes:
  13. I love your new wallet Dolali!! :drool:
  14. Sorry for the wait...But here's some pictures of my NEW Burberry! :heart:
    {Sorry about the pics. They're kinda blurry.}